January 4, 2023

SWS Covenant Service (Livestream) 01 January 2023

Welcome to Chapel of the Resurrection! We are a church under the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. Started in 1979 with just 80 members, COR was founded to provide pastoral care to the students and staff members of St Andrew’s Junior College. Since then, the love for God has fuelled our growth. By His grace, COR has since planted five churches and two extension centres. In 2005, together with the college, COR relocated to St Andrew’s Village in Potong Pasir.

Today, we are a community of people hailing from different walks of life, united by a common goal to proclaim and demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to schools, communities and the nations around us.

Join in for our livestream services:
Saturday Praise Service | every Saturday, 4:10pm
Sunday Worship Service | every Sunday, 9:30am
复活堂中文 | every Sunday, 2pm