September 25, 2022

ProLinePBX VoIP Phone System: How To Manage Ring Groups

A Ring Group is a group of phones that ring simultaneously and/or sequentially on inbound calls to a specific phone number.

If you have login access to a Ring Group, you can change which phones ring on inbound calls to the phone number.

You can optionally set a ringing sequence. You can specify where the caller will be directed if no Ring Group members are available to answer a call.

Start by logging into the ProLinePBX portal with your Ring Group credentials.

Click the “Inventory” button to confirm which Phone Number is directed to the Ring Group you’re logged into. In this example, the 3100 number is directed to our 100 Ring Group.

Click on the link at the top right and select My Account.

Click the Answering Rules button. Note that if you have multiple Time Frames, you can create different Answering Rules for different times of day. In this example, there is only one Rule and it’s for the Default Time Frame. To edit the Rule, click the pencil icon on the right.

For this Ring Group, inbound calls to the 3100 number have been set to first ring extension 101. If the person at extension 101 does not answer within 10 seconds, extension 102 will ring. If the person at extension 102 does not answer within their extension’s “Ring For” time, the caller will be forwarded to the voice mailbox for extension 102.

To change or remove a ring delay, click on the clock icon and then click and drag the slider. You can also use the up arrow and down arrow keys on your keyboard to move the slider in 5 second increments.

To add an additional phone to the Ring Group, click the + sign next to the first extension. Enter the extension number and then click Save.

To direct the caller to a different mailbox when a call is unanswered, start to type in the word “voicemail” in the “When unanswered” field. The field will autofill with available voice mailbox numbers. Select a mailbox number.

If you backspace in the “When unanswered” field, you will see the entire list of options for where a caller can be directed when their call is unanswered.

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