November 16, 2022

Portfolio Management Services India – Returns and No of Clients (HINDI)

Portfolio Management Services in India is at a very nascent stage. One of the key reasons is misselling and another is lack of trust from client’s perspective.

On this channel, i receive a lot of queries from clients on Portfolio Management Services India or in short PMS. Some of the common queries are
1. How do i check the returns of the portfolio manager or Portfolio Management Services?
2. How do i check the no of clients of my portfolio manager?
3. Last but not the least, how can i check the genuineness of the Portfolio Management Services provider?

I tried to answer all these 3 queries. Basically, the PMS service can be provided only by the brokerages and the mutual funds registered with the SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). It is mandatory for all the companies providing Portfolio Management Services to report their monthly client details and returns they generated for their clients. Some of the companies report this regularly but many are not reporting. Therefore, an investor can consider the criterion such as returns, no of clients and reporting to decide whether to avail the Portfolio Management Services or not.

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