October 18, 2022

Netenrich’s Justin Crotty on Leveraging Data in Managed Services

Justin Crotty, senior vice president of channels at Netenrich, joins Channelnomics Changing Channels host Larry Walsh to discuss how data and device telemetry is transforming managed service delivery and value propositions.

Managed services in the channel are nothing new. Partners started delivering them more than 20 years ago, augmenting and replacing their legacy break/fix support with remote monitoring and management.

Increasingly, vendors — particularly legacy hardware and software vendors — are discovering the power and value of service and subscription models. Vendors want the same predictable recurring revenue that partners have generated for years. Wall Street and private equity investors are rewarding vendors that make the transition from transactional sales to service-based subscriptions.

Services ranging from endpoint management to cloud administration are generating petabytes of data. Through the telemetry of the data broadcasted by devices and applications in the field, vendors and partners have a rich source of analytics to diagnose performance and security issues.

While managed services have always promised customers quick responses to performance issues and system failures, the reality is that services are reactionary. Something has to happen to trigger an alert so a vendor or partner can take action. That’s changing, though, as data analytics become more available. Vendors are beginning to leverage telemetry to identify issues as early as possible so that they and their partners can take anticipatory action and prevent system failures for end users.

A vendor on the forefront of this trend is Netenrich, which is offering managed service providers a vendor-neutral capability to tap into the telemetry stream to identify and anticipate customer performance issues before they can cause more serious problems. Justin Crotty, senior vice president of channels at Netenrich, joins Changing Channels to discuss this growing trend of enabling partners to be more proactive.

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