September 10, 2022

Managed IT Services for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Without a doubt, information technology is at the heart of all businesses today. Yet, small to medium sized organizations struggle with the decision of hiring their own IT staff versus the services of a managed solutions partner.

Having an in-house IT team lends security, knowing there is personnel in the office available to tackle any issues. But salaries for experienced, proficient IT professionals can be exceedingly cost prohibitive, and when systems are up and running problem-free, companies end up paying for idle staff members. Not to mention the necessary management tools (monitoring applications, antivirus, etc.) that require large initial capital investments which may be too cumbersome for many small to medium sized businesses to invest in.

A managed IT solutions provider, on the other hand, has all the structure of a full IT department built in, with the tools and vendor relationships to ensure maximum value and quick resolution. In addition, the nature of their business forces them to stay on top of technology, allowing them to make knowledgeable recommendations about software and applications that can drive client revenue.

Cima Solutions Group is a Managed Services and IT Solutions Provider that delivers reliable and efficient IT solutions that create financial value for their clients.

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