October 18, 2022

How Much Does a Cloud-Based VoIP Business Phone System Cost?

The Intulse VoIP cloud-based solution offers a very attractive pricing model, with little or no upfront costs and a fixed affordable monthly fee.

There are two types of VoIP solutions available and they have remarkably different pricing structures. With a cloud-based VoIP solution from Intulse, for example, you get all-inclusive, predictable, consistent and easy-to-understand pricing that provides all of the support that you would need as well.

Connecting multiple locations is super easy it’s just a matter of purchasing some new phones and placing them in those additional locations. It’s very portable and very predictable. In contrast, to the on-premise VoIP solution is expensive, requires a capital investment to get the necessary hardware. You also need to employ high-priced, high-skilled IT staff to set up, maintain and service that hardware, or pay an expensive service contract from your vendor. Also there’s typically additional fees for minutes used, and long-distance charges that you’re going to pay on an ongoing basis.

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