October 7, 2022

From Code to Cloud With Klotho

Taking a cloud application from local development to production is difficult. It requires packaging the application and its dependencies, integrating against libraries and SDKs for the cloud of your choice, provisioning infrastructure on your chosen cloud provider, and doing so in a repeatable way.

It takes experience and knowledge to choose the right infrastructure for the developer’s use case, and changing requirements can further complicate matters. It’s time-consuming, error prone, and requires application changes for experts in infrastructure and cloud operations to provision infrastructure in a repeatable manner. Engineers and small teams often turn to managed services to simplify the process. Utilizing these services come with quite a few downsides, including vendor lock-in, nonstandard technologies, and black boxes that cannot be tweaked.

What if you could take advantage of all the cloud’s features while focusing on application code during development? What if a system could determine what cloud resources would be required based on your code? As your requirements change, what if you could change these cloud resources dynamically or switch cloud providers entirely without modifying your code? When adding a load balancer, storage, or any other dependency to your application, this system would automatically determines what pieces are required. Klotho provides a unique approach to solving these problems while avoiding the common issues associated with typically managed service solutions.