November 21, 2022

Extending IAM to the Cloud: It’s Still Your Program

Is your organization considering including cloud offerings in your identity and access management strategy (IAM) strategy? Maybe you’ve already extended your IAM program to include one or more cloud services. Maybe you’re just starting to consider options. No matter where you are today, it’s likely that your IAM program will include “the cloud” soon, and in fact you may be “in the cloud” now without fully realizing it.

Join members of Internet2’s Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity (CACTI) for a discussion on some of the important, but sometimes less obvious considerations to address when adding or moving to cloud-based IAM services. We’ll look at different approaches for utilizing the cloud in your IAM program, consider what capabilities they can offer, and what you’ll need to preserve locally, and discuss some of the community-supported resources that may help.

The speakers include Margaret Cullen, president & CEO, Painless Security, and Kevin Hickey, director of information security, University of Detroit Mercy.