October 19, 2022

De-risking Enterprise Migration with AWS Managed Services – AWS Online Tech Talks

“The cloud adoption discussion with enterprise customers is often focused heavily around migration while important ongoing operational, governance, security and compliance issues are considered too late in the process which leads to project delays and frustrations among team members. AWS Managed Services helps remove these migration risks by taking full responsibility for successful operational, security and compliance outcomes for the customer’s AWS infrastructure – either temporarily acting as a bridge while the customer’s operations team gets up to speed or permanently enabling the customer to focus their people and resources on innovation and value creation. This tech talk will outline the risks associated with considering the cloud operational model too late in the migration process, a practical guide for reducing the risk with AWS Managed Services (AMS) and real-life stories from enterprise customers who have leveraged AMS to accelerate their migration to AWS.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn the most common mistakes made by enterprise customers during their migration planning
– Learn how AWS Managed Services delivers a production-ready AWS landing zone in 20 days
– Learn how AWS Managed Services can help bridge the cloud skill gap in your organization even if you’re not interested in longterm outsourcing”