October 17, 2022

Best Business VoIP Services 2021

Best Business VoIP Services 2021
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Hello! No matter how attached we are to our smartphones, even in the BYOD world, there is a place for voice over internet protocol or VoIP providers. And while many of these services target corporate customers with hundreds of employees, Ooma Office is a different story. I like this service, and that’s why!
As a company that started selling VoIP products starting with its VoIP in a box over a decade ago, Ooma wants to bring enterprise-quality phone services to small businesses. According to the company, “[helping] small businesses to present themselves professionally.”
Unlike competing VoIP services, Ooma Office is only available with one pricing option, no additional features. “All features are standardized,” the company says, at just $ 19.95 (£ 15.57) per month.
As we mentioned, every line you get from Ooma is going to return you $ 19.95 (£ 15.57), plus taxes and fees, every month.
At this admittedly modest price point, the company claims that you will be able to take advantage of over 35 features, which we’ll talk about later. In addition, this subscription allows you to port numbers, main business number, direct dial number, virtual fax number, conference line number, and unlimited calls to the USA and Canada for free. Sounds like a lot on paper, but what features are we talking about?